A boy with a laptop, a guitar and ideas above his station.


Hi, I’m Si. I blog infrequently about a bunch of things that are close to my heart, including music, gaming (console and tabletop), motorsport and cinema.

Email: zinar7 [ @ ] gmail.com

I’m shy, friendly, opinionated, overly childish, cynical, pessimistic, self-loathing, self-deprecating, energetic, spiked, dark, light, popularistic, interested, overactive, crescendous, disappointing, intelligent, mindful, dreamy, obscure, altruistic, random, kickass, loving, consoling, warm, closet, inferior and dependable. I like to hear about new things, people, opinions, experiences and thoughts. I’m open-minded yet holier-than-thou, in a typically loving fashion. I like cake. I deplore people who think they’re better than me, but respect those who genuinely are. I’m possibly both the coldest and warmest person you’re ever likely to meet, and usually at the same time. I wish I had wings. I’m often lightyears away from the first impressions I exude. I’m afraid of the dark. I keep pet rats. I adore the simple tea leaf and plethora pleasures that it provides. I reference movies way more often than people even realise. I’ve never been to another continent. I’m fragile, splintered and almost nothing like the overbearing, confident, metal kid my persona might hint that I am. I’m also useless at writing about myself.

Twitter: @zinar7

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