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Autosport International/Pistonheads Show 12/01/2011

In lieu of me uploading these to Facebook and not this blog, here are some of my snaps from my visit to the Birmingham NEC for the first ‘trade-only’ day of the Autosport Show 2012. Enjoy!

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Sinister Reviews: Best of 2011


A few days late I know, but here’s my round-up of my favourite stuff from 2011. Enjoy!


Best Movie ~ Senna
Runners-Up ~ Black Swan, The King’s Speech, Hugo, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, True Grit, Hanna
‘Didn’t Think Would be Good but was Actually Brilliant’ of the Year ~ Attack the Block
Movie Performance of the Year ~ Sacha Baron Cohen as the Station Inspector (Hugo)
Runner-Up ~ Saoirse Ronan as Hanna (Hanna)
Most Disappointing Movie of 2011 ~ Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Unnecessary Movie Sequel of the Year ~ The Hangover Part II
Best TV Show ~ Horrible Histories
Runners-Up ~ Life’s Too Short, Angry Boys, QI series I, Come Fly With Me
TV Moment of the Year ~ Eddie Jordan thrown into the pool at the Monaco F1 Forum (video link)
Runner-Up ~ Brian Butterfield on Shooting Stars (video link)


Best Mainstream Game ~ The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)
Runners-Up ~ Portal 2 (PC) , Solatorobo: Red the Hunter (DS)
Best Indie Game ~ Bastion
Runners-Up ~ Limbo (on PC), Terraria, The Binding of Isaac, Sequence
Best Social Network Game ~ Triple Town (Facebook, Google Chrome)
Video Game Character of 2011 ~ Wheatley (Portal 2)
‘Didn’t Finish’ of 2011 ~ The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Bastion, Portal 2Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
‘Better Never than Late’ of 2011 ~ Duke Nukem Forever
Best Soundtrack ~ Portal 2, mainly for Turret Opera (video link) and ‘Want You Gone’ (video link)



Best Gig ~ Turisas (Southampton University Garden Court)
Runners-Up ~ Sonata Arctica (Reading Sub 89), Tom Morelllo (supporting Rise Against, Soton Guildhall), Devin Townsend (Southampton University Garden Court)
Best Album ~ Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
Runners-Up ~ Turisas – Stand Up and Fight; Funeral for a Friend- Welcome Home Armageddon; Rhapsody of Fire – From Chaos to Eternity; Rival Schools – Pedals
Duke Nukem Forever/Chinese Democracy Award for ‘Will it Ever Get Released’? of the Year ~ Blaqk Audio – Bright Black Heaven
Unnecessary Collaboration of the Year ~ Lou Reed/Metallica – Lulu
Best Song ~ Swede Mason – Masterchef Synesthesia (video link)
Runners-Up ~ Rush – ‘Caravan’; Foo Fighters – ‘Rope’; Turisas – ‘Stand Up and Fight’; Alestorm – ‘You Are a Pirate’
‘Why Won’t it Go Away?’ of the 2011 ~ Rebecca Black – ‘Friday’ (video link)
Music-Based Game of 2011 ~ ‘Ke$ha or Katy Perry?’


F1 Driver of the Year ~ Sebastian Vettel
Runners-Up ~ Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Heikki Kovalainen
F1 Best Race ~ Montreal, and JB’s storm to victory from the back of the pack

F1 Overtake of the Year ~
Webber on Alonso through Eau Rouge at Spa-Francorchamps
Crash of the Year ~ Allan McNish at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (video link)
Video ~ Ken Block’s Gymkhana 4 (video link)
Sorely Missed of the Year ~ Dan Wheldon cut down in his prime Indycar at Vegas


(see Empire’s 500 Greatest Movies of All TimeProgress: 314/500

Best Movies (I hadn’t seen) ~ The Apartment, Some Like it Hot, Bad TasteRatatouille,  Duck Soup

New Discoveries ~ Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Billy Wilder

Disappointments ~ Mulholland Drive, Danger: Diabolik, Spirit of the Beehive, The 400 Blows


Best Purchase ~ My delightful Kisai Seven [aka. 7RON] watch (link)

Best Book ~ Mark Kermode – The Good, The Bad & The Multiplex

Best Internet Video ~ Masterchef Synesthesia (video link)
Runners-Up ~ Psychosocial Baby (video link), Nyan Cat (video link), Benton/Fenton (video link)

Tweet of the Year (me) ~ “Bryony just got so annoyed about boxing, she headbutted CIDER” (link)
Tweet of the Year (someone else) ~ Peter Serafinowicz: “Trying to achieve the perfect erection. How hard could it be?” (link)

Most Apt Phrase to Sum Up 2011 ~ “I used to [insert appropriate phrase here], but then I took an arrow to the knee.” – Skyrimlolz.

Word of 2011 ~ ‘Superinjunction’.

Quote of 2011 ~”Just goes to show, people with brain damage are the real heroes.” – Wheatley

Looking Forward to in 2012 ~ The Dark Knight Rises;  The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ; Wii U ; Alestorm at the Cellar (Southampton) ; drinking in a whole load more motorsport; actually finishing Portal 2 ; Gyakuten Saiban (the movie) ; potentially becoming a Doctor of Philosophy ; Stewart Lee on Jan 15th (London).

Best Moments (no order) ~
Celebrating four years with Bryface; moving house (again); sprinting onto the track at the end of the 79th 24 Hours of Le Mans to get beneath the winners’ podium; successfully upgrading to the PhD programme by passing the MPhil/PhD Transfer; winning a place at the Autosport Awards 2011 and meeting Martin Whitmarsh, Tiff Needell, James Thompson and others; getting sprayed with mud by Sebby Loeb, Ken Block at al. at Hafren on the WRC Wales Rally GB; Shock Treatment, Richard O’Brien and Mark Kermode (and The Dodge Brothers) at the New Forest Film Festival; Pumpkin-carving at Diamond Cottage; Ockfest 2011; Wilton House Supercar Day; Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein LIVE; RockSoc shenanigans and pubcrawls aplenty; and aboslutely anything and everything that I’ve forgotten to include here.
Everyone, you’ve been awesome.
2011 is dead. Long live 2012. 


Autosport Awards 2011

After a fecking awesome time at the Autosport Awards 2011, thought I’d share some of my photos. Highlights included endless champagne refills, great ceremony itself, and meeting a bunch of people like Martin Whitmarsh, Tiff Needell, Matt Neal, James Thompson and some others. Absolutely the best way to round off another classic year of motorsport across the board, and some great tributes to the loss of Dan Wheldon.

Anyway, here’s some of my pics. Enjoy.

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WRC Wales Rally GB 12/11/2011 – Hafren

Here’s a few photos of SS12/15 (Hafren) from the 2011 WRC Wales Rally GB, at which much fun was had:

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Autosport 6 Hours of Silverstone 11/09/2011

A few shots from yesterday’s ILMC/LMS race at Silverstone:

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Wilton House Supercar Day 2011

– Just some photos from the Wilton House Classic Rendezvous & Supercar Day 2011 from last Sunday. Enjoy.

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