I got a new watch! It is made of shiny and awesome:


It’s actually the Kisai Seven from Tokyoflash Japan, and it’s superb. The whole face lights up due to LEDs, and you count the time by look at the sectors which are not illuminated – inner ring gives the hour, outer ring gives the minutes in 5 min increments, while the bits on the strap tell you minutes 1-4, which you add to the 5 min increment time to get the exact time. I quite like having to do maths in order to find out something as simple as the time. It’s also USB rechargable, and there’s different settings for having the face illuminate when you press the button, or ‘always on’, which looks bloody amazing.

It’s difficult to see in the photo because the camera picks up slightly more light than the eye, but the inner ring is unilluminated at the ‘4’ position, and the outer ring at the ’10 mins’ position. Add that to the ‘2’ minutes in the strap, and it’s 4:12pm. Simple.

Either way, me likey.


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