Sinister Future

Currently, it’s looking like my review of Destroy All Humans! might be my last, at least for a while. Time is quite precious to me at the moment and, as it turns out, playing games is a lot more fun than writing about them. It’s always been my intention to ‘up’ my use of this blog, and that I should update more regularly – but less formally – than what I’m doing currently. My first few reviews for No More Heroes and LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 pretty much wrote themselves: Indeed, I knocked those out during short breaks at work. Of late, however (starting with Epic Mickey, which took about six months before I actually posted it) I’ve found significantly higher barriers from me getting them done; partially because I’ve been so darned busy at work that I’ve no motivation to pseudo-‘work’ in my free time by writing reviews, and also partially because the backlog of EVERYTHING I currently have. I’d much rather this be a freeform blog in which I’m free to talk about whatever I want in a relaxed way and when I have something I want to say, rather than expending all my creative juices on formal reviews and having little time for more jolly fare. I’m hoping I can keep up reviews of new stuff (i.e. new music/videogame releases), such that my opinions will be useful to others who’re considering picking up the same release, but my experiences with other stuff may be documented in a more relaxed manner.


…such as Destroy All Humans! 2, fr’instance. I quite liked the first game (again, see my review), so randomly picked up the sequel by chance in CeX for £2 a few weeks back: Thus, I have largely been absorbed in a Destroy All Humans! fest for the last month or so, in between a few other games and project. The first had a novel, quirky sort of charm (that, at the end, kind of left me wanting some more), but the sequel’s pretty samey and I’ve certainly noticed the experienced really starting to drag. I’m a little glad it’s over, but even though there’s some good ideas and they fixed some of the issues from the first game, I think it dilutes the experience rather than expanding it, so I’m glad to move on to pastures new. For me, Destroy All Humans! remains the superior title, regardless of its flaws.

I’m also currently tackling MySims Kingdom and The Last Story on the Wii: The former for when I’m feeling largely braindead and/or knackered and can’t manage anything more strenuous than making rad-looking houses and arranging furniture, and the latter for when I’m the opposite. I’m a little disappointed with The Last Story so far (it doesn’t quite live up to the JRPG resurgence I was promised, and dilly-dallies a little too much in Cut-Scene Town), but I’m only a few hours in, so there’s plenty of time for redemption. I finally found Chrono Trigger for the DS on the weekend and immediately booted that up, which seems sweet so far.

Off to London tomorrow for Andrew W.K. at the HMV Forum and Bry’s bro’s birthday thing, so up early in the morning. Energy levels haven’t really kicked in yet, but needless to say I will ready to PARTY HARD ETC ETC by tomorrow evening. Pics/news/whatever at some point.

Anyway, stuff to do, so better get shifting. Godspeed.


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