Gute Reise!

Flying off to Germany for EUSAR 2012 tomorrow. Involves atrociously early start (catch National Express from campus at 0745) and a change at Amsterdam airport, but I should be touching down at Nuremberg by tomorrow evening and all set to head to the Nuremberg Conference/Exhibition Centre for the conference from Tuesday to Thursday. Wish me luck!


This’ll be the second time that I’ll be presented at a (semi-) major conference, and just about beginning to feel a little anxious. I guess I always get itchy about travelling what with so many chances for things to go wrong/get lost/etc. etc., but especially when there’s something potentially important and/or stressful lying in wait at the other end. Hopefully, I’ve not forgotten anything in my packing, but there’s always the danger of a Home Alone-style catastrophe that will become apparent just as the plane’s wheels leave terra firma. Still, I should have with me a phone, some English/European cash, a credit card and a passport (assuming I’ve got as far as the plane itself), from which one can pretty much solve any dilemma, so I should be all set. I’m due to present on Wednesday morning in the ‘Maritime/Sea Clutter’ session, so I’ve at least got a day to settle in before I’m due up to the microphone. Wish me luck.

Packed a bunch of entertainments since I’ll be flying out on my lonesome and won’t know anyone there, so enough to keep my occupied on the two days of travel and in the evenings should there not be adequate entertainment to be sourced in Nuremberg itself. I’ve set aside the trip to finally read God Collar by Marcus Brigstocke (of underrated comedy fame) and also get through the rest of Chrono Triggerso it looks like fun times ahead. Botanicula has just come out as part of the new Humble Botanicula Debut bundle, so that looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. There appears to be plenty of stuff to do in and around Nuremberg anyway, so chances are I won’t get too bored. Camera is locked and loaded so I’ll be making sure there’s an insane amount of architecture photography to spam this blog with.

Phew, I guess this all means I should be getting to bed soon. Oh well. Hopefully I’ll have plenty of internet acess during the trip, so perhaps I’ll update a little bit while I’m away; no promises though. Anyhow, stop reading this and go have an awesome week, and I’ll catch you again sometime soon. (oh, and go get the new Humble Bundle, natch.)


p.s. I may not have mentioned it before, but Andrew WK last week at the HMV Forum was just awesome, easily the best gig of the year if not lifetime. SO MUCH PARTY.

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