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Sinister Reviews #03: Fable II

#03: Fable II (Xbox 360)
Genre: Action RPG, Adventure
Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: October 2008

It’s hard to review Fable II without first talking about Peter Molyneux and since it’s a lot easier to get the whole thing done with now, let’s get down to it: Creative Director of Lionhead Studios (and before that, Bullfrog Productions), Molyneux’s overseen some of the most seminal videogames of the past two decades; from Black and White and Dungeon Keeper to  Populous and Theme Park. Fantastic though his output is, he’s attained a reputation in the industry for being happy to talk to journalists early in a game’s gestation period and promising a huge bunch of  “cool shit” to appear in the final product (note: Not actual Peter Molyneux quote). Understandably, the time and budget constraints of developing a current-gen videogame mean that a lot of good ideas end up getting dropped, or scaled-down upon release; leading to inevitable disappointment from fans and a product that doesn’t live up to the whirlwind of hype. With each new release, the promise of (r)evolution detailed by Lionhead’s pre-release statements gets larger and larger, offering a mind-blowing combination of Choices, Options and Potential. There’s nothing wrong with ambition, but too often, trying to be a jack of all trades with a vast array of game modes, minigames, side-quests tends to disengage from the main game itself and that sums up Fable II: A darned solid game, but nowhere near what it’s trying to be.

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