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Board Game Jam Dice

Just in time for the 2023 Global Game Jam (which starts in a little over two weeks), I am pleased to announce the fruits of my latest creative ponderings: Board Game Jam Dice (BGJD)!

BGJD are a creative tool for game designers to aid in the ideation and development of tabletop games during game jams. Rolling the dice generates one of 46,656 different unique combinations – which a budding board game designer can use as inspiration for a brainstorming session.

They take heavy inspiration from Atomic Shrimp, whose Invention Dice triggered the idea in my head: it is possible to come up with a system that helps an author design a tabletop board game?

Simply take all six dice, roll them simultaneously and try to think up ideas for a game design which matches the concepts or game mechanics shown on the upper faces. Try that a few times then, once you have spent a few minutes on each, choose the idea that you most prefer and try to develop it into a fully-fledged board game. If it doesn’t work, or you’d like some additional options, feel free to roll the dice again to come up with a new idea – it’s up to you!

You can view and download all of the files here; including the instructions, print ‘n’ play materials and a glossary of terms:

If Tabletop Simulator is more your thing, you can download a Steam Workshop mod for BGJD here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2914346381

If you have successfully used these dice in design of your game, or you have feedback to help improve future versions, then please post in the comments section below – I’d be really interested to hear how the dice worked for you!


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