Okay, so I have a new blog now. The whole LiveJournal thing took a downturn about two or three years ago, and I kind of stopped posting things on there. Then I started using Twitter, and all the kind of random bullshit I used to send to my blog would kind of just get dumped there.

I did keep up using it for a few things (notably the few video game reviews I did around a year or so ago and for dumping photos from Flickr or something) but generally it got to be like the bottom of the garden that’s gotten over-run with weeds, and you venture down there with a strimmer a couple of times a year to hack away at the overgrowth only to find that there’s some sort of many-tentacled monster living in it that’s a little annoyed you woke it up. Plus the fact that my posts are getting spam comments, like, once a day and even logging onto LiveJournal requires grabbing a machete and slashing your way through a jungle’s-worth of adverts, the biscuit had definitely been taken.

So, things start once again over on glorious WordPress, which I’ve been putting off for a while but have finally managed to summon the effort to get up-and-running. I don’t really know what’s going to go here yet, and I haven’t even figured out how the site’s going to look, but I thought it was a good idea to get something down on (sic) paper here so I can’t put it off everything else I do. Wish me luck.


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