To Infinity and Beyond

So, it’s 9pm and I’m at work (ish) in the office while watching F1 videos on YouTube. It’s becoming a pretty standard feeling of late, especially since we don’t have any int4rwebs hooked up in our new flat yet, so coming to the office of an evening to catch up online whilst gently shunting paper around my desk is one way to get my daily fill of random crap on the net.


Bry’s out doing a bat-survey on Southampton Common this evening, which is pretty bitchin’, thus I have an evening to myself to poke around Facebook, Google+ and blog a little bit before I head home and continue on with The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker which is made of GameCube and MANY SAILING

Been busy the last couple of days running the Glider Design, Build & Fly part of the Uni’s Headstart course in Engineering Sciences, which has basically involved me barking out orders to a bunch of Year 12 kids and trying to use my limited expertise in getting them to build, test and improve small wooden gliders made from balsa. It’s pretty rewarding, and certainly a lot of fun, but at the end of each day I’m fucking knackered and wish to do very little except exercise my gaming thumbs and chew gum with my eyes. Tomorrow’s the last day where I’ll be judging the best overall glider, and heading out to see Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 2 of an evening, so hopefully that’ll be the end to a largely entertaining week (minus the usual transfer thesis worries).

Also finally got round to modding the theme of this blog and dumping a generic picture of Space Shuttle Endeavour against the backdrop of Earth, which may not be at all related to myself or what I write in here, but looks AWESOME so…yeah.

Aight, time’s kickin’ on and I’ve got larger fish to fry. Until next time, godspeed.


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