Panic Shuffle

Okay, so I’m working from home today. Stupid bad back has decided to rear its ugly head again and giving me a massive slice of inconvenience to boot. Should be working hard on my transfer thesis in the office, but instead I’m stuck working on what I can from a laptop balanced precariously on my knobbly legs from my bed in 24WC. I’m getting towards the end now and the end goal is getting ever closer to being in sight, but things are still not finalised and I’m still feeling a little shaky on the whole of project and whether everything’s progressing at the right pace to get through the PhD, but my supervisors assure me things are going to plan and that it’s just me not being able to see ‘the big picture’ that’s panicking over not completing things on time.


Anyway, I’ve just over ten days before the ‘official’ hand-in day, and am busy trying to cram everything in before then. Of course, an extra month would be IDEAL and the report I could present with that extra time could be so much better, but alas I’m torn between trying to get it handed in on schedule (and hopefully get cracking on the ‘proper’ work of the PhD all the quicker  and (hopefully) save me headaches later on, and grabbing a couple of weeks’ extension to nail down the results and submit a transfer thesis I’m (a bit more) proud of  but have to feel like I’m playing catch-up with the actual schedule; and it’s not like the transfer thesis counts for much anyway, more like an arbitrary point to stop and say: “Right, is everything going alright?” Anyway, draft number 2 has just been editing and ready to send to my supervisor in, like, five minutes, except with a few sections of chapters which I haven’t started writing yet, but pretty much know what will go in.

Had some recent (good) news on the conference front, and that’s that I’ll be travelling back to Rome and ESRIN in November/December for the conference on Earth Observation for Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions Science ( Rome was awesome, and it’ll be good to get another stab at trying to look round it all.

Anyway, that’s my work done for today and a Project500 movie night kicking off here in about an hour or so, so I’d best be shifting myself. Bonjour, mes amis.


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